Consulting Services

We understand that every organization is unique and has special needs. This is why we engage in as much consultation as is necessary with the appropriate individuals at an institution before deploying our software and services. Our objective is to fully understand the needs of your organization so our team can recommend a configuration of the system and develop an implementation strategy that is tailor-made for you.

Our experienced professionals will work closely with your administrative staff, security officers, IT personnel, and any other stakeholder whose input is needed to help us correctly review and evaluate your options. With our commitment to understanding any special strengths or limitations in your environment, you can be confident that the system configuration and deployment strategy we recommend will provide the best solution for your institution and help to ensure an efficient implementation of our software and services. A smooth implementation will get your staff quickly up and running so your organization will save time and money.

Our consultation with your personnel will accomplish the following goals:

  • Ensure that your organization's current and future needs are fully understood.
  • Provide an opportunity for our team to review your hardware requirements, software environment, and any special technical considerations with your IT department.
  • Allow us to share with you the pros and cons of following a particular implementation strategy and to recommend a configuration of the system that is designed to fully meet your needs.