We provide a number of training options to help both new and existing customers get the most out of our software solutions. All training is done by either in-house trainers or certified Informant third-party instructors who have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of our products and an ability to train effectively.

Training that is geared for either new or existing customers may be done onsite at your agency, online, or at our training facility in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Training programs frequently take the form of standardized training courses. Nevertheless, whenever it is appropriate and desirable, we can work with an agency to customize a training program that is tailored to its unique needs.

The staff at Informant has always been more than helpful and have gone beyond to ensure that my department was getting the right training
— University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Campus Police & Safety, Pennsylvania

New Customer Training

We recommend that new customers receive training because their proficiency in the use of the system will help them to realize all the benefits it has to offer. In addition, a better understanding of the system at the outset helps to ensure that the implementation of the system will go smoothly.

Follow-Up Training for Existing Customers

Existing customers sometimes desire to purchase follow-on training for a number of reasons. These include the need to train new hires, the desire to take a review/refresher course on the system or specific aspects of it, the transition of an employee who is a specialized user and familiar with only limited aspects of the system, and the purchase of an upgrade of an expanded edition of our software, as well as additional Informant RMS plug-in products. We also offer an executive training course for agency executives who are not general users but desire to use it primarily for administrative purposes.

Existing customers that are on a premium customer support plan have the opportunity to receive free training at certain Informant customer events, such as user group meetings and conferences.