CAD Solutions

An affordable CAD solution for public safety.

 What you need without the cost and the complexity

Dispatch Monitor is a single-jurisdictional CAD product that delivers an easy-to-use yet comprehensive interface that allows dispatchers to quickly and efficiently manage calls for service. Our intuitive user interface requires minimal training so new staff can be up and running in no time. Furthermore, with a lowered cost for ownership, this solution is certainly up to the task without breaking your agency's budget.

Simple, streamlined, and easy

Dispatch Monitor is simple, streamlined, and easy to use and still it provides your dispatchers with all of the essential features of a CAD system. The system's sensible design makes it easy to quickly dispatch officers in response to calls that come into your department.

Fully integrated with your RMS

Dispatch Monitor is fully integrated with Informant’s records management system so the call for service information that is entered by the dispatcher is available for your officers to build an incident record if the event becomes reportable.


Custom CAD Integration 

CAD Interface is a custom integrated solution that allows departments to import incoming service calls from their county’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system into the Informant database.  This solution eliminates the need to re-enter into Informant the information that is already captured by the CAD system .

CAD Interface also allows users to quickly view when the last record update occurred, if any errors occurred while the input messages were being processed, or if there were any unprocessed CAD files.  In this way, agencies can effectively keep track of their dispatch data in Informant.   

Departments that have implemented CAD Interface have experienced an increase in productivity as all of their service calls are automatically imported into Informant, so there is no need to enter the information manually.

CAD Interface is customized to meet the needs of your department and the county’s CAD system.  We provide consultation services and our development team works closely with your department to ensure a smooth implementation.