Information Data Sharing

Share and access incident data from other agencies outside your jurisdiction. 

Seamless Integration

Record and share information with other agencies in a seamless manner based on the sharing policy for your department.

Flexible Searches

Enhance your investigative research by quickly locating any information available on incidents, persons of interest, or vehicles outside your jurisdiction.

Access to Data

Use the innovative built-in administrative options of the application to define and manage who has access to shared records.

Integrated Search Capabilities

One of the underlining principles behind our integrated approach to data sharing is to provide our end users with a common platform to lookup information. Apart from not having to learn an entirely new software system to retrieve data stored in other databases, our solution offers significant benefits to those agencies seeking to overcome the challenges of multi-jurisdictional crime.

You can do the following:

  • Use current information to increase officer and public safety
  • Define and manage who has access to shared records
  • Collect and share relevant information seemlessly with other agencies
  • Eliminate the need for additional staff training on a new system