Wireless Field Reporting

OnPatrol gives officers complete access to records on the road.

Increase Community Visibility

With OnPatrol, officers can perform all reporting activities on the road. OnPatrol provides a familiar user interface that allows officers to work seamlessly with the system whether at a desk or away from the office. So officers can spend less time filling out reports and more time policing the community.

You can do the following:

  • Complete incident reports from the car
  • Research person and vehicle history
  • Write up reports on field contacts
  • Lookup a person using a driver's license card reader
Realtime Access to Information  Increase the safety and productivity of your patrolling officers by providing them with full access to all the information they need to get the job done.

Increase Officer Safety

Increase officer safety with realtime access to important and time-sensitive data. Your police officers can have the information they need, including person and vehicle history and warrants. Empower your officers to make the appropriate decision when time is critical.

Your organization will now have the ability to conduct meaningful reviews and analyze data to foster increased effectiveness of all security initiatives. Quickly identify patterns and problems within your jurisdiction, and accurately pinpoint hot spots and areas with safety and security issues. Furthermore, the saved costs and lowered risks lead to a safer policing community for all involved.

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