Mobile Parking Enforcement

QuickTicket is an Android-based mobile solution that automates issuing and printing tickets.

Save Time and Money

QuickTicket is compatible with Android mobile devices to eliminate the need for your agency to purchase expensive, dedicated hardware that would normally cost several times as much. Likewise, our solution supports the use of low cost thermal paper so you no longer have to purchase costly custom pre-printed tickets for your organization.

You no longer have to worry about any downtime due to equipment malfunction or the maintenance of aging legacy ticketing devices. With our solution, you can setup and deploy new devices in a snap by downloading and installing our software from the online store.

Find Scofflaw Listed Vehicles

Get immediate notifications of repeat offenders. Since QuickTicket is integrated seamlessly with the Informant records management system, you will get immediate notification when a violating vehicle is determined to be a repeat offender on a scofflaw list. That will allow your parking enforcement personnel to immediately take the correct course of action when this situation is encountered and can confidently make on-the-scene towing decisions when necessary.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

You won’t miss filling out tickets by hand. Tickets produced by our software are easier to read and can have a header and footer to increase your department’s professionalism in the community you serve. The application securely sends all ticketing data directly to the records management system and eliminates the need for time consuming and error prone data entry.