Informant PS

Comprehensive Records Management Suite

Our feature-rich modules allow you to quickly take advantage of the latest in technology to enhance your records management capability. Because Informant was created with the customer in mind, your agency will be more efficient and effective in managing your day to day public safety activities at the department and while out in the field.

You can do the following:

  • Get your personnel up and running in little time
  • Use powerful search options to quickly locate the information you need
  • Generate and submit UCR reports and other crime reporting requirements for your agency
  • Generate over 300 other reports
  • Access Informant in the patrol vehicles to save time and enter records while on patrol 
Realtime Access to Information  Increase the safety and productivity of your patrolling officers by providing them with full access to all the information they need to get the job done.

Logical and Consistent Process Management

Informant is designed to streamline your daily activities by allow you to define preferences and auto-populate data fields so entering records in the system requires less time and effort. Implementing is quick and easy, so users aren't overwhelmed with learning how to use a complicated system.

With Informant data entry has never been easier. The application contains several menus, prompts, and customized selection lists to reduce the time needed to enter and retrieve data in the system. A consistent design across each module serves to shorten the learning curve and promotes ease of use throughout the system.

Go Beyond Incident Reporting with Statistical Analysis

With Informant you can generate hundreds of reports for your jurisdiction from the wealth of data that is collected throughout the system. In addition, our powerful reporting tool offers you the ability to include statistical analysis and graphs on your results.

Go beyond information gathering and have the ability to review and analyze data that will lead to increased effectiveness of security initiatives, save costs, and lower risks leading to a safer community.

Functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • UCR Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Arrest Reports
  • Person Rap Sheet
  • Employee Activity Logs
  • Property Release Reports
  • Missing and Wanted BOLO Reports

Cost effective and Expandable 

The Informant RMS can be packaged to meet the needs and budgets of agencies of any size. Start with the tools you need today, and easily activate more features as you grow.

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